Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Put our design strengths to work for you – adding extra impact and power to your communications across all media including your website, literature, packaging, and more.

Our highly skilled staff of creative and technical professionals provide offers a wide, deep range of skills. And we react quickly to your needs, offering fast, cost-effective turnaround on all jobs.

When you entrust them to us, you will also know all your communications tools will be consistent in terms of branding, look, impact, clarity and persuasiveness. Your Apollo Websites team is totally committed to exceeding your expectations

Graphic Design Services – We design for both Web and Print:

  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Marketing Materials
  • Publications
  • Illustrations
  • Printing Solutions

 Business cards

4 reasons why business cards can be one of your most versatile marketing tools:

  1. Business cards are an inexpensive form of advertising.
  2. Convenient, light and compact. Business cards can go everywhere as they fit in your pocket, wallet, handbag, etc. You can send them through the mail along with invoices, newsletters, brochures and receipts.
  3. Business cards are one of the most read forms of advertising. Most people take a second look at an interesting design. You will capture their attention to which gives much greater potential to convert a lead into a sale.
  4. Business cards are the quickest way to make a comment about your business. You can also look at using both sides of the card where a company tag line, a product list, a services list or statement about who you are can be included.

Make sure your business card is not only attractive but it sends your company’s message to potential clients.

Dont assume that the design of a business card is not important. It is not just about giving potential clients your contact details. It is also about the message you want to send to these clients. First impressions about your company image speaks volumes about your business. A badly designed business card will reflect a negative image of your company.

Try a business card / fridge magnet – Magnets are such a cool marketing idea – no one throws magnets out! They stick them on their fridge and subconsciously look at it hundreds of times.

Is your business card working hard for you?

If not think about having it redesigned so that it WILL make an impact.

Stationery Design

Establish a Strong Identity! Need designs with an edge?

We’ll design your letterheads to match your company image, ready for print.

Whether you want your old stationery sharpened-up or a new one created, we understand that quality design is of t important.

When you request our stationery design services, we will contact you to discuss and confirm what it is you’re looking for. We will then review the entire design process with you so you know exactly what’s involved. Stationery design is a very importantl process for any business and it must deliver a consistancy across all your printing and electronic needs. This is a vital part of branding your corporate identity.

1. Letterhead design
2. Envelope design
3. DL Envelopes
4. Compliment Slips
5. Leaflets
6. Business card design and layout

At Apollo Design we can make your all your stationery designs tie in with all your advertising and promotional materials..


If you have a product that requires an illustration or maybe you just need a cartoon drawn.

Image Sourcing

At Apollo Websites we can help you source images for all you web and print needs.

Printing Needs?

We provide customers all over Australia with printing services not just Sydney, we are able to ship anywhere in Australia.

We are able to print almost any item that is on paper or card using either digital printing presses or offset press. We welcome your request for quotation on any type of job you may have, not just our standard jobs we have listed on our website.

Printing in done in Sydney so you have a fast turnaround on printing jobs. Feel free to contact any of our staff for a price on your job or assistance in file preporation, our staff are highly trained with many years of experience, they are always willing to help any customer.